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Your transparent energy partners

Navigating today’s energy challenges requires expertise far beyond what typical energy advisors provide. At Legend we not only help you understand every aspect of your meters but empower you to save money, time and energy by understanding and curbing energy and resource consumption at every level of your business.

Empowering our customers

We take a hands-on partnership approach to help you maximize your resources. By building collaborative relationships with our clients based on open communication, complete transparency, education, and cutting-edge proprietary technology we earn the trust of our clients.

An Unmatched Service

We know that many of our customers operate critical infrastructure night and day. As such we operate 24/7 providing daily market and grid information updates to keep customers continuously in the know. Additionally, we can automate process functions based on market price signals, grid dynamics or operational opportunities.

Unbiased transparency

We are beholden only to our customers and transparent on costs, eliminating all hidden broker and supplier fees. In addition our Legend Analytics™ platform can communicate with all data collection systems meaning we are completely supplier agnostic. This impartiality enables our customers to transparently demonstrate impact on their environmental and financial sustainability.

A proactive approach

Our proactive approach to energy markets protects you from predatory brokerages and developing contracts take advantage of market and operational efficiencies wherever possible. We also directly handle all nomination and balancing for natural gas purchasing, ensuring best-in-class suppliers and pricing.

A process built around your business

Our process is driven by the unique realities of each customer's environment, allowing our customers to set, achieve and then surpass ESG goals in a fiscally sustainable manner.

We start by eliminating disadvantageous contracts and high broker margins to free capital to invest in real-time data gathering behind the meter.

We leverage rebates, grants and other market-based incentives to cover the cost of infrastructure solutions ranging from solar and onsite generation to process automation and downtime tracking.

Machine learning, automation and real-time analytics then provide market savings in your procurement strategy.

Trusted by companies of all size and sector

"We’ve worked with Dan and the Legend team since before the formal founding of Legend. Energy markets are complicated. Energy markets vary greatly across regions. Legend is able to help us navigate the risks and opportunities in all energy markets both during diligence and during our ownership period. Our company leadership teams have come to count on Legend for optimizing their energy strategy."

Partner Private Equity Fund

"Legend has been a long term trusted partner helping us tackle energy holistically starting with site selection that gives us energy infrastructure advantages, pipeline taps, power generation, demand response, real-time voltage monitoring and designing complex energy market products that help us optimize constantly changing energy markets. They understand our day to day operations helping us understand how actions behind our meters impact our market exposure every day."

VP Asset Development Agriculture Client

"Legend proactively works across our portfolio in both energy markets and demand side energy savings projects consistently driving value for our properties. They have come to be an indispensable partner for more than half a decade."

CEO Hospitality Management Group

How we help

Through industry leading technology we empower our clients to integrate all interrelated components of their business to create a holistic energy strategy. 

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Our story

We are empowering customers to reduce natural resource intensity and cost, future-proof business process and mitigate risk.

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