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We are the leading energy advisory and data company,
empowering customers to reduce natural resource intensity
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How we got here…


Humble beginnings

Legend was founded in April 2014 in an apartment in New York City. We set about to fundamentally transform the energy advisory business by leveraging real-time data to help customers increase efficiency and lower their natural resource intensity. This lowers financial risk and creates sustainability in the truest sense.


in startup capital


Demystifying the market

We began by helping customers gain transparency into their energy use - into the hidden fees they are being charged by brokers as well as the volumetric drivers behind their meters which are driving their exposure to market risk and environmental impact. To really get behind the meter and help customers understand the volumetric risk was a challenge requiring a completely new technology to be developed to facilitate this change.


brokerage fees generated by energy procurement sector


Doing it for ourselves

After several failed attempts to outsource we set about building the technology in house. We chose to start in some of the toughest industrial environments we could find to build a robust data collection coupled with a ground breaking cloud based platform which could securely acquire real-time data in any customer environment and make it immediately actionable.


of investment in the platform to date


Giving agency back to our clients

Legend’s Markets, Infrastructure and Analytics teams collaborate to bring customers directly to wholesale power and gas markets giving customers complete transparency into their consumption and control over market risk. Real-time commodity markets, customer production, power and gas demand all in a single platform.


substation constructed


Beyond manufacturing

2018 saw us expand our platform into almost every industry vertical from hospitality and commercial real estate to data centers and critical infrastructure. We also developed a wireless package from the circuit board up for deployment across large industrial complexes and college campuses, reducing the cost of installation, increasing the speed of deployment and lowering maintenance costs.


points of data tracked


Creating smart cities

The end of the decade saw us deploy across entire cities to manage their critical infrastructure systems. The industrial and municipal markets have had little access to energy and operational data beyond macro metrics such as monthly utility bills and Legend Analytics™ platform has been transformative providing actionable real-time data for these sectors.


critical events monitored


A foundation of trust

We have grown to our current stage almost completely through client referrals based on the transparency and demonstrable results we have been able to achieve for our clients. These results are delivered through the coupling of expert advice, transparency and cutting-edge technology.


customer retention rate


Completing the energy picture

Since Legend's beginning, we have helped customers understand energy market and operational risk through our market leading expertise and data gathering capabilities. In 2021, we launched our enhanced LegendAnalytics platform. This empowers organizations to holistically understand their energy & environmental impact with actionable real-time scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions monitoring.


data points measured


Follow Your Footprint

From an oil field to a lobster fishery and everything in between. In 2022, our LegendAnalyticsTM Platform began automatically tracking our clients carbon emissions footprint in real-time and auto-generating reports. This transparency to high fidelity data is bringing significant value to our clients, their customers, and investors, as well as the environment for which we are responsible.

The Future

Delivering true sustainability

In the future we seek to continue our mission to empower your enterprise to streamline energy, capital and labor resources, making your business as efficient as possible. We will continue to solve the toughest energy challenges at every level of an organization achieving true sustainability now and in the future.

Meet the leadership team

Your expert energy efficiency partners

Our team combines expertise in energy markets, supply management, automation, IT Development, government and regulatory matters, infrastructure construction and sustainability.

Chris Hackett

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Crosby


John Stiene


Lindsay Carro


Mark Graham

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Fair

Director of Market Research

Nathan Cole

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Newton

National Sales Director

Shane Davidson

Automation Lead

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