Energy Vision

Fundamentally changing the way humans and natural resources interact

We are thinking about energy all wrong. Eliminating carbon emissions from fossil fuels alone will not address our growing energy, environmental and financial challenges.

Currently, we waste a tremendous amount of energy by not understanding how energy functions: how much energy our various systems demand, and how energy is produced, stored and transmitted from our energy grids.

This lack of understanding creates fluctuating grid demand, which in turn leads to increased emissions, wasted capital and greater financial and environmental risk. The end result is uncertainty and volatility in energy markets.

While we tend to think of our global energy and environmental challenges as macro-issues, only addressable by government institutions and global stakeholders, we not only have the power to make the needed changes at the individual level, it is essential for the realization of significant change.

At Legend, we are helping our clients meet this challenge.

An invisible problem

Most of our systems today are “unintelligent,” meaning they don’t communicate with one another or make use of real-time information for decision-making. Most buildings and businesses have no insight into how much energy they’re using at different stages of production, by operating different machines, or at different times of day. Our businesses and processes make guesses based on past performance to predict future need.

When you can’t accurately track or predict energy and resource usage, you are forced to buy more energy than actually needed, and at a higher price, to accommodate greater risk and variability. This is a waste of resources and contributes to the complexity of the energy market.

The efficiency of labor, equipment and raw materials behind the meter are the actual drivers of the efficient metabolism or “consumption” of energy at any facility. Because an overwhelming majority of energy consumers have little to no real-time insight into the efficiency of these 3 drivers, they have little to no insight into the volumetric risk (the amount of energy you will need to consume to continue operating) associated with their energy metabolism.

Energy markets, by their very nature, have complex drivers related to supply, regulatory, weather, and other environmental drivers. When demand-side volumetric risk is added into the mix, it translates into additional wasted capital, whether you are purchasing energy in regulated or deregulated energy markets.

To compound this, many suppliers, brokers and advisors use this complexity to add hidden fees, further compounding the amount of capital and resources wasted. Capital which could be solving metabolism inefficiency behind the meter.

Seeing through the chaos

Energy can only be metabolized, it can’t be produced or consumed, that violates the first law of thermodynamics. There’s just useful energy and waste (entropy).

Across almost every industry, the top three most significant sources of inefficiency, environmental impact and of course, cost, are raw materials, labor and energy. This inefficiency is driven by friction between disparate systems, poor communication, and disunity across an organization.

All of these complex challenges need to be addressed in parallel, as they directly impact each other. The overall environmental impact, natural resource intensity and financial sustainability of an enterprise are dependent upon this holistic and coherent approach.

Real-time, actionable data is the key to bringing clarity to this chaos. We can only grapple with financial waste by identifying volumetric risk, which is driven by resource waste.

“We must better understand and wrangle our bloated consumption patterns with intelligent and energy efficient processes to eliminate entropy, which is the primary driver of our sustainability challenges.”

The agency to change

At Legend Energy Advisors, our energy vision is one in which all companies have real-time visibility into their process and equipment efficiency, labor intensity, and resource waste across their operations.

Only through this total transparency will companies be able to radically impact energy and resource intensity at every stage of their business.

Through industry leading technology we empower clients to integrate all interrelated components of their business and enable clear, coherent communication across them. This drives transparency and accountability on “both sides of the meter” to eliminate physical and financial waste.

We have seen that real-time transparency empowers and motivates individuals at every level of an organization to impact their area of ownership. This transparency drives change from the bottom up, enabling legitimate and demonstrable changes in enterprises’ environmental and financial sustainability.

What we do

See real time value in your new energy strategy


Seamlessly implement infrastructure projects onsite generation, solar, cogeneration, batteries, VFDs, automation controls and other alternative energy projects into your procurement strategy.

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See your energy usage, production data, resource efficiency and cost information, in real-time to maximize resource efficiency, optimize labor and prevent machinery malfunctions.

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Develop and execute your own customized energy procurement strategy. We provide clients with complete transparency to wholesale energy markets for both electricity and natural gas.

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