Develop and execute your energy strategy in real-time

Negotiate regulated and deregulated markets

Our team of experts provide a hands-on, collaborative approach to developing and executing a specialized energy management strategy for clients operating in both regulated and deregulated markets.

Strategy design and execution

Our hands-on active approach mitigates regulatory, environmental, physical and other risk factors.

Negotiation and representation

We negotiate contracts, tariffs and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for power, natural gas and other fuels.

Active power dispatching

We actively dispatch your power as you need it.

Energy supply and RFP management

We partner with clients to develop and execute their customized energy procurement strategies, providing complete transparency to wholesale energy markets. Risk and goal profiling analysis against client specific scenarios empowers our clients to make informed decisions when executing energy contracts.

RFP Management

Supplier vetting, contract negotiation, product structuring, scenario analysis, enrollment services, auditing, and benchmarking.

Intelligence & risk management

Ongoing energy market monitoring and reporting to help clients understand and hedge risk.

Wholesale energy purchasing

Secure large block energy purchases to eliminate cost premiums.

Integrated demand response

Generate revenue by curtailing power demand during times of grid constraint.

Natural gas management

Nomination and balancing services, pipeline transportation and storage, physical and financial risk, and capturing market arbitrage opportunities.

Data Management

Cost and usage data at invoice level and in real-time. Overview of your energy footprint, a central location for utility bills and accruals data.

Utility bill management

We will help recover utility overcharges, as well as automate bill review, approval, and payment processes.

Invoice Processing And Management

We manage any oversights and discrepancies in billing processes and navigate and consolidate complex utility engagements.

Sustainability and renewables

Resource efficiency is core to our business. The power-grid is ever-evolving, and we understand the dramatic shifts anticipated across the energy market as suppliers increase alternative offerings and clients across the country aim to eliminate emissions. We are the only provider that can help you understand the path toward resource efficiency from both the supply and demand-side with real-time reporting and actionable accountability.

Renewable energy procurement

Secure cost-effective renewable energy solutions including Renewable Energy Credits, Power Purchase Agreements, RINs, RNG etc.

Alternative energy evaluation

Determine the cost/benefit analysis of installing alternative energy infrastructure such as solar, wind, battery storage, etc.

Rebate consulting

Rebate opportunities differ from grid-to-grid. Capture millions of dollars in rebates to make energy efficiency projects profitable.

Policy development

Establish or improve sustainable practices. Implement solutions to exceed corporate energy goals and mandates.

Regulatory consulting

Regulatory complexities pose significant risk to companies. Legend helps clients navigate ever-changing regulatory environments which have material impacts on energy costs.

Tariff Negotiation

Negotiate tariff rates and monitor complex regulatory environments to eliminate overcharges.

Local law compliance

Documentation submission, eliminate fines for non-compliance, and obtain higher energy efficiency certifications.

Local, state, and federal rebates

Increase project ROI by capturing rebates. Capitalize on incentives to help finance energy projects.

Regulatory tracking

Intelligence that helps you stay ahead of regulatory changes that will impact your bottom line and understand and mitigate future costs.

"We finally have insight into how our business actually runs every day. Our customers are happier, our teams are more efficient and we are more efficient because we avoid problems in the first place."

Hospitality CEO

"Through active management on both sides of our meters, Legend will save us over $2M next year on our energy spend."

Paper Company CEO

Working Seamlessly Downstream Through Infrastructure And Operations

All three of our service groups work seamlessly together to ensure both infrastructure and operations considerations are integrated into the procurement strategy.




Our Markets expertise allows us to implement infrastructure projects seamlessly into procurement strategy showing the true relative cost and payback.

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The market data our team captures feeds our analytics platform, giving financial context to flow, btu, kWh, kWh and other metrics monitored by the Legend Analytics™ platform.

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Our market-insight and real-time data empowers you to manage your energy strategy, maintain compliance, and navigate regulatory challenges.

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