Smart Cities

Creating interconnected energy efficient cities

Connect the silos

At present, so much of our energy demand depends on manual data entry and planning. Further, these systems depend on separate contracts with different providers, all siloed by a lack of corporate, municipal, and governmental collaboration.


Water and wastewater

Environmental sensors


Groundbreaking insights

By enabling these systems with connected devices, we generate groundbreaking insights via the real-time transfer of previously uncapturable data.

A Connected Smart City Platform

Legend’s smart city platform allows private, municipal, and governmental agencies to collaborate, using an encrypted, two-way, and highly energy efficient wireless network.

Our protocol drastically extends battery-life, allowing two-way, encrypted communication every 5 minutes or less. The network also operates mission critical data communication, as well as passive data collection, in protected, siloed channels to ensure security.

Driven by powerful Legend Analytics™

Legend’s Analytics platform is entirely sensor and device agnostic, able to connect to all existing and future infrastructure installations.

As municipalities deploy sensors and connectable devices across cities and towns, Legend Analytics™ acts as the central nervous system for these connected devices, allowing them to work together in a single, intelligently functioning system.

In Focus

Municipal Intelligent Control Systems

"We have been working with Legend for over 5 years with incredible results across our portfolio. They’ve lowered our overall rates and in one case uncovered over $1M in utility overcharges."

Hotels CEO

"With LegendAnalytics™ we can see how we are doing on production hours before SAP and have time to affect change for the better each day."

Manufacturing Operational Excellence Manager

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