ESG Disclosure

See the full picture, improve corporate performance

A reporting framework is only as good as the data it organizes

While demand for ESG reporting grows from regulators and investors, the process of gathering and understanding the data lags far behind. This call for disclosure comes from the desire to improve corporate performance. And yet, the existing approach renders this almost impossible.

Operational Insight

Most companies begin their journey toward disclosure by scrambling to figure out how to gather the data on which they’re being asked to report. We guide this process by evaluating ESG data collection needs, installing sensors where applicable and tracking critical ESG data with Legend’s Analytics™ Platform.

Automated Reporting and Improvement Tracking

Avoid the high cost and inaccuracies of estimating ESG data trends with our live, automated ESG data reporting in accordance with industry-leading standards, frameworks and certifications. Legend’s system helps you meet reporting requirements and moves you beyond the stagnant reporting cycle to bring you up-to-the-minute ESG trends analysis.

ESG Data Evaluation

Live ESG data reporting provides real-time feedback to employees on the overall impact of their work day-to-day. We bring ownership back to front-line employees by equipping them with suggestions for impact improvement, actionable data and progress alerts.

Data that empowers you to affect real change

Data that empowers you to affect real change

With Legend Analytics™, our team can work with you to integrate your ESG data into your existing financial disclosures in real time.

Most importantly, this data empowers front line employees to demonstrably reduce natural resource intensity and cost of your operations.

Our system and our advisors help your team identify the greatest opportunities for improvement while allowing you to monitor improvements in real-time and seamlessly report this progress.

"With LegendAnalytics™ we can see how we are doing on production hours before SAP and have time to affect change for the better each day."

Manufacturing Operational Excellence Manager

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